Day 1 of the Alzheimer's Journey

The New Perspective

FREE Medication and Supplement Guide for the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

After Day 1, you will understand why there is hope and how you can

Win the War with Alzheimer's Disease.

Most programs talk about the misery of the disease. The Alzheimer's Journey is about the solution to the misery.


The Alzheimer's Journey is not an esoteric, philosophical discussion about a disease. The Alzheimer's Journey is the information and data in Dr. Van Horn's mind transferred to your home so you and your family can Win the War with Alzheimer's Disease.

On Day 1, Dr. Van Horn will explain why:


  • Alzheimer's is not a disease that attacks old people

  • Alzheimer's is the end product of your brain aging and dying over decades

  • You are not powerless

  • You are not a victim 

  • There is a lot that you can do to intervene in the aging dying process.​

Dr. Van Horn will introduce you to the 4 stages in the War with Alzheimer's Disease:

1. Prevention

2. Protecting Your Reservoir

3. Battling Memory Loss

4. Restoring Dignity & Relationship

If you win the war before stage four you do not end up in a nursing home.


Our hope is that the Alzheimer's Journey inspires millions and millions of people and physicians to understand not only the end of the disease where the person is still there but also the beginning of the disease, the development of the brain, the protecting of the reservoir, and the battling of memory loss.


After Day 1, you will understand how this new perspective can impact the disease, the money that can be saved, and the countless lives that can be improved.




 Revolutionary Series by 

William A. Van Horn, MD 

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