Day 6 of the Alzheimer's Journey

Battling Memory Loss

FREE Medication and Supplement Guide for the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

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Day 6: Battling Memory Loss is your opportunity to avoid the disability of Alzheimer's disease by maximizing the benefits of the most current effective treatments available.

Day 6: Battling Memory Loss is a powerful presentation detailing an effective plan to slow down the progression of early memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease.


Dr. Van Horn's recommendation of early, aggressive treatment is motivated by both the latest research and his clinical experience with hundreds of patients who are enjoying significant benefits. Many important topics are discussed, including:

1. The process of memory storage

2. Mimics of the memory loss of Alzheimer's disease

3. How to screen for Alzheimer's disease

4. Dr. Van Horn's specific treatment protocols for battling memory loss

Millions of people in the United States right now have the early memory loss of Alzheimer's disease and are not getting treated. Most of them are either denying they have the memory loss or do not know it is really Alzheimer's disease. The vast majority of people aware of progressing memory loss are not getting treatment and many who are receiving treatment are getting inadequate treatment.


My patients who have early memory loss are on at least four medications and multiple supplements. I am convinced, that these medications and these supplements make a huge difference in the progression of their memory loss.


On Day 6, I will give you the exact treatment protocols he uses with his patients for you to take to and request from your personal doctor.




 Revolutionary Series by 

William A. Van Horn, MD 

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