Program Schedule

The Way Program consists of four consecutive weeks of thirty hours of daily programming followed by eleven months of continued support. Admissions are accepted daily. 

Saturday and Sunday

8:30  AM     Vision Development and Goal Planning

9:00 AM      Medical Education 

9:30 AM      Intrapersonal Psychodynamic Therapy

12:00 PM    Lunch

1:00 PM.     Interpersonal Process Therapy

2:00 PM.     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

4:00 PM.     Relaxation and Stress Reduction

5:00 PM.     End of Day


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

6:30 PM    Vision Development and Goal Planning

7:00 PM    Intrapersonal Psychodynamic Therapy

7:45 PM    Relationship Process Therapy

8:30 PM    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

9:30 PM    End of Day

6:30 - 9:30PM   Family and Graduate Group- includes
                        active participants in the daily program.