Understand the Process for Restoring

Your Brain, Emotions and Relationships

The Way Institute offers a unique and state-of-the-art treatment program for you and your family who are suffering from the damages of unresolved emotional issues and neuropsychiatric illness. Our treatment approach is comprehensive with a focus on all aspects of your needs including brain illness, emotional trauma, psychological problems, relational dysfunction, and spiritual needs. The foundation of our program is the fundamental belief that your true healing is ultimately a result of the healing power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. 


Our brains are like windows through which we experience life. Due to stress in life and past trauma or loss, the brain becomes chemically imbalanced and the brain window becomes fogged. Many people are living life with very fogged brain windows resulting in a loss of the experience of God's peace, joy, and love. 


The first step in healing is the elimination of the brain fog through the restoration of proper chemical balance. As a neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Van Horn has spent decades refining and validating a systematic medical approach to restoring brain health. With proper medical care for your brain, you will sleep all night, wake up fresh, and enjoy the benefits of limited anxiety accompanied by good energy, concentration, and pleasure. Your fog will be lifted and you will be free to engage in true emotional healing and restoration of your full experience of life. 


Emotional Restructuring Therapy (ERT) is the groundbreaking process we offer to heal your emotional and psychological wounds in addition to restoring the depth and love in your most significant relationships. ERT addresses your developmental losses, unresolved trauma, destructive thought patterns, dysfunctional relationship issues, and, most importantly, the fundamentals and pathway to the experience of the Holy Spirit. 


The foundation of ERT is safe, supportive, honest, and valuing relationships with our staff and other clients who are seeking restoration. Dr. Van Horn is an integral part of the process, spending hours daily, actively and fully engaged, while guiding you to a healthy and empowered emotional state. Your significant others will also be invited to weekly family groups to assist with your healing and to maximize the quality of your most significant relationships. 

ERT is an integration of multiple established and validated psychotherapy models including family system theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal and relational processes, intrapersonal psychodynamic concepts, and the significance of early emotional development. All of our therapy is undertaken within the framework of Christian truth and are designed to assist you in experiencing your true value in the eyes of God and the fullness of His peace, joy and love.