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Alzheimer's Disease is Not an Illness Attacking Your Brain Late in Life.

Over your lifespan, your physical organs progressively lose cells.

Your skin wrinkles.  Your liver, kidneys, heart and lungs become less efficient, and your brain becomes less dense as it slowly loses cells. Ultimately, you progressively lose memory.

As you age, certain factors promote the life of your brain.

Other factors accelerate brain cell death.

Alzheimer's Disease is the End Stage of the Death Process

Our advanced prevention and treatment program helps you significantly promote the health of your brain and memory by maximizing the life factors and minimizing the death factors.

Early Protection and Treatment Are Critical

Aggressive medical treatment of early memory loss combined with nutrition and protection improves the health of your brain, reduces the rate of cell loss, prolongs the life of your memory,

and helps you avoid disability.

Restore Your Loved One's Dignity

Comprehensive medical treatment of advanced Alzheimer's Disease dramatically improves quality of life by restoring your loved one's dignity and relationship with your family.

William A Van Horn, MD

"Since completing my fellowship at Emory University under some of the most recognized experts in Alzheimer's Disease, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of patients dealing with all stages of memory loss. My experience has validated that with a comprehensive program, you can significantly reduce your risk of initial memory loss, slow down the progression of cognitive decline, and  ultimately avoid disability from Alzheimer's Disease." 

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