How Your Donations Will Be Used to Help our Wounded Veterans

“Thank you for considering donating to our veterans. My family and I have been praying over this for some time and believe God has called us to bring true emotional healing through Christ’s love to the suffering veterans in our country. We would love you to join us. It won’t happen without you.” 

- William A Van Horn, MD 

Thank you for considering becoming a partner with Soldier’s Peace Foundation (SPF). To achieve our mission, “the full restoration of the heart, mind, and family of every wounded soldier,” we need your help. 

It is well established that many non-profit organizations spend the majority of their donations on administrative costs and salaries for employees. At SPF, we are committed to complete financial transparency so you can know that your donations will predominantly be used to directly care for our veterans. Our administrative staff and paid employees will always be limited to the minimum necessary to ensure excellence in care. 

Achieving our financial promise is only possible because of the passion and commitment of SPF Medical Director, William A Van Horn, MD and SPF clinical director, Juliet Van Horn, MSW. Dr. Van Horn will be responsible for all the neuropsychiatric medical care and directly work with the veterans for the majority of the emotional healing process. Juliet will oversee the entire clinical process, conduct therapeutic groups, supervise additional therapists, and ensure proper and full communication with the veterans and families. 

All services provided by Dr. Van Horn and his wife, Juliet, will be at no cost. 

Because of the commitment of Dr. Van Horn and his family, our expenses are reduced dramatically. The primary costs of the program will be providing lodging and food for the veterans. Other additional expenses are limited to a clinical location for the workshops, a reasonable stipend for SPF executive director and contract pay for a part-time therapist who assists with the workshops. At this time, we are hoping that paid advertising and marketing are not necessary. If it becomes a need, we will limit marketing costs to a minimum. Transportation for the veterans will be considered if adequate funds are available. 

True emotional healing of PTSD is a lifelong endeavor. AT SPF, we know that once we open our doors, we need to have a financial base to maintain a healing connection to our graduates for years. We need thousands of partners for that to happen. 

Estimated expenses: 

Executive director stipend: $6,000/month. 

Part-time therapist: $1,000/mos 

Marketing (if needed): $2,000/mos 

Food/lodging for 8 day workshop: $1,000/veteran 

Workshop facility: $2,000/workshop 

Estimated first-year budget: 

12 workshops/12 veterans per workshop: $276,000 

12 workshops/20 veterans per workshop: $372,000 

At Soldier’s Peace Foundation, our passion is to offer the highest quality PTSD treatment where our veterans truly heal with the benefit of excellent medical care for the brain and a deep emotional healing experience through Christ’s love. We cannot do so without the support of you and many others. If it is truly God’s desire for our mission to be achieved, God will supply the resources through you and many others.