Intensive Outpatient Program




Deep Emotional
Christ Centered Therapy
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Intensive Outpatient Program

Your Primary Therapist Is Your Doctor

Dr. Van Horn passionately desires the best outcome for our patients. Over 75% of the 30 hours of weekly therapy are provided personally by Dr. Van Horn as well as all neuropsychiatric medical care. You will experience a deeper professional relationship with your neuropsychiatrist, and he will achieve a very thorough understanding of your medical, emotional and spiritual issues. Dr. Van Horn's complete involvement in your care markedly improves your opportunity for a successful outcome and true healing.

All patients in the The Way Program will receive comprehensive neuropsychiatric medical services from admission to completion of the program. An extensive evaluation will be performed upon admission. All neuropsychiatric issues will be addressed and treated including disorders of mood, anxiety, energy, concentration, sleep, pain, trauma, psychosis and substance abuse. The goal of medication is to restore healthy brain function while maintaining emotional and spiritual sensitivity. Addictive medicines and those dulling the senses or "drugging" a patient are contradictory to our goals.  We want our patients sleeping well, awake, alert, energetic with zest for life.


Suboxone will be prescribed, if indicated, with plan to taper the dose as therapy progresses. Daily review of dosages, benefits and risks of medications will occur for the duration of the first 28 days.

Comprehensive Neuropsychiatric Medical Services

Christ Centered Therapy

We uniquely offer Emotional Restructuring Therapy (ERT), a Christian-based therapy developed by Dr. Van Horn with a thirty-year history of validated success in the treatment of the majority of psychiatric issues. 


ERT is directive, standardized and combines traditional theory, including Relational, Developmental, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral and Family System upon a foundation of Christian truths and principles. 

Dramatic Sunset

Our mission is to provide


the foundation, roadmap and support


for lifelong emotional healing


and spiritual growth

in the true experience of


God's peace, joy and love.

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